Success Story: Sportler

ePaper and web shop links at the push of a button

Sportler AG
System integrator
mediacockpit |mediasuite | mediapim | mediaepaper APIs 3rd party systems like the online shop

Initial situation

  • no centralized system for managing digital media,
  • Online shop sales channel should be used more efficiently,
  • low added-value and reuse from existing assets,
  • no automated catalog production for online channel,
  • no digital catalog with shop links

Print2Web and Web2Shop

Development of online shops and fully integrated products and services• Seamless switching between ePaper and article page in the Web shop• XML imports from external PDM system (catalog, page content, product information)• Use of mediaepaper, interfaces to other systems (such as the web shop of company Alpin)• Catalog creation through the generation of InDesign documents• Publication of the online catalog "Sportler Alpine Catalog 2011" as ePaper with enriched product data and external links

About Sportler AG

A family-owned business from South Tyrolia, which counts itself among the leading sport retailers in Europe. Sportler stands for technical and functional, high-quality products, for which the "state of the art" mediaepaper tool from DAM Group provides a perfect presentation. The half-yearly catalog belongs to the favorite reading material of a large community of mountain sports fans and on its 400+ pages presents everything that makes alpine sports even more attractive.

Mission accomplished - and always up-to-date

Browse the catalogs and navigate directly to the desired product in the Web shop. The networking of print and Web provides users with real added value and Sportler AG a significant increase in the conversion rate in the online sales.