Success Story: Ravensburger AG

Effortless like Child's Play - Import and Export

Ravensburger AG
Media and Publishing
mediasuite | mediapim | ReST API - media converter for audio, video and InDesign, integration of internal master data files and Sharepoint, automation of individuel exports via Excel file.


Initial situation

  • Regular supplies to dealers with new products
  • High costs when exporting the media data
  • No automation when converting to target formats
  • No system-supported processes (workflow status for media approval, keywording with product data)
  • repeated conversion tasks and manual search

Core functions at a glance

  • Management of over 840.000 media assets
  • Automated media integration via hotfolder
  • Referencing the material number as a media attribute
  • Mass indexing with product attributes during import
  • Status net including date-controlled release processes
  • Individual exports of converted media formats for dealers catalogs

About Ravensburger AG

Ravensburger is a leading supplier of puzzles, games and entertainment products in Europe and a leading supplier of children's books in Germany. The blue triangle is one of the most prestigious brand in Germany.

The program includes about 8,000 different products (including all country-specific versions), which are sold worldwide and manufactured 85% by the company itself. Ravensburger currently employs 1,640 employees in over 10 locations Source:

„The mediacockpit simplifies media handling between our business units and partners enormously and offers us the perfect foundation for automated publications across all channels.“.

-Simon Berger, Ravensburger AG