Success Story: L-SHOP

Mass data organized and synchronized

Textile Wholesale
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Initial situation

  • large product range including numerous brands, sizes and color combinations. Size and color ranges vary from brand to brand!
  • complex pricing dependent on product, color, size and quantity
  • multi-language information offering
  • distributed data silos and high-degree of manual labor
  • no process-driven workflow support
  • no integration with automated publishing systems

Publishing process

L-SHOP's products are maintained in brand-specific hierarchies in mediacockpit. Brand-specific data is "inherited" by the products of the brand, product specific data is inherited by the SKUs. This significantly reduces the data maintenance involved. SKUs are maintained in a product-matrix defined by color and size. Mass editing capabilities in the matrix allows creation and updating of entire color or size ranges for a product with a single click. If necessary, data for price updates and translations can be exported to Excel, edited using Excel functions and forumulas and reimported.Watched folders (hotfolders) are used to automatically import and link logos to brands and to import and link photographs to products (inherited to their SKUs). Entire product ranges are exported to XML and published in Adobe InDesign. This is done for the annual catalogue (the "Wahlbuch") in 6 languages, as well as several individual brochures. The daily synchronization of image and product data in the online shop is fully automated.

About L-Shop

The L-SHOP-TEAM GmbH stands in the front row of German textile wholesalers. Their customers are commercial resellers with emphasis on textiles in industries such as such as workwear, sporting goods and promotional items, as well as textile printing and embroidery companies.Founded in Dortmund in 1981, L-SHOP-TEAM, introduced the industry's first online store on the Web in 2003.The company employs over 160 employees across Germany. Current event articles and a plethora of brand selections can be found in the L-Shop's

"With the mediacockpit, we want to further automate our publication process in the future. We placing very high value on flexible design options and scalability".
- Mr Weber, L-SHOP