Success Story: FacilitylinQ

Managing entire product data and exports to Magento webshop

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Starting Point

  • multiple brands, attributes and product hierarchies
  • complex administration of product data with magento
  • no process automation and data workflows
  • no content management DAM or PIM in place
  • upstream market requirements in terms of multichannel publication

API mediacockpit Magento

Until recently, Facilitylinq maintained their products in Magento. It turned out to be a complex process and the functionality fell short. The automation of internal processes and the demand of external channels triggered the need to store product data independently from the webshop. mediacockpit turned out to be a very flexible and open tool to achieve this goal. It streamlines processes and data on boarding, and it easily exposes product data to the IT-infrastructure.

Due to the open character of mediacockpit, Spark-it was able to build an API plugin on top of it syncing the PIM product data with Magento. The plugin picks up products, product hierarchies and attributes, flags changes, deletions and new products. The plugin is based on the Talend ETL layer and can run as independent plugin.

Facilitylinq is now able to use product data beyond their shop, in quotations, for resellers and to support all internal processes. "mediacockpit turned out to be a cost saver as an enabler for new business."

About Facilitilinq

Facilitylinq is a contractor, selling all major design office furniture brands in Holland. They have been market leader in their field from the start 10 years ago. Due to their innovate approach, they have been able to keep this poll position. They sell mainly business-to-business and furnish large projects, such as offices, hospitals and institutions.Facilitylinq understands that furniture is one of the most complex data models in the market. For a simple office table you can change material, colour, size, wheels or legs, which turns one standard product in hundreds of variants. Storing product information in PIM asks for a clear strategy.

Product Specialist

Specific embodiments, speciality fabrics, etc. You can discuss your needs with the product specialists FacilitylinQ, who are happy to share their vast decorating and product knowledge with you. Your financial and / or customized logistics requirements are rapidly converted to an appropriate proposal. You have 100% confidence that your project is carried out in accordance with agreed specifications, budget and delivery. If desired, you can quickly access to specific samples.

"With the mediacockpit we are able to link product data to our IT-infrastructure. The Magento plugin syncs the Mediacockpit with the webshop, keeping it ever green".

- Harm Bron, FacilitylinQ BV

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