Simply versatile: Architecture and data model

mediacockpit is a JEE-based software platform for marketing communications processes. As such, it is not a monolithic application, but requires the interaction with various applications.
The primary components are a database and an application server. The application controls the software for the conversion of media in configurable output formats, see schematic diagram for an overview of the system environment.
mediacockpit offers extensive possibilities for integration with third-party systems. The interfaces are described in javadoc and additional reference documents. Developer training is available on a project-specific basis.
The import of monitored folders makes possible a loosely coupled synchronization of data with one or more primary systems. mediacockpit background processes can be programmed in Java, the scheduled actions implemented directly in the system or across systems. Publications in the mediapim are background processes, our system maintenance processes in the asset store as well. Workflows, and other system processes can be extended through custom actions using interfaces (handler classes or user exits) without jeopardizing the updatability of the system:

The universal integration platform

for marketing services and processes


Solutions: media databases

We help you manage and distribute your media

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