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Tuesday, 2011-12-06

Projects and Partnerships

There are so many exciting projects in the catalog / publishing environment with DAM Group - in the near future we will present one of them in a new success story! This much we can already tell you: in the management of brands, products and variants in the textile industry, L-SHOP-TEAM has relied on mediaockpit for several years already.

With the Bechtle subsidiary "Die Druckvorstufe" (the prepress), we are happy to introduce a further professional partner in our print network. With our portfolio, we support die Druckvorstufe to create more efficient media productions.
Wednesday, 2011-11-02

DAM Group Relaunch: moving foward and looking back

For nearly 8 years, our homepage had remained fairly static; the time is ripe for change. Two months ago, we relaunched the DAM Group homepage in German. The focus is on our new platform product "mediacockpit". We have already recieved much positive feedback - customers and partners alike are finding interesting insights into our new integration platform and are profiting from our experiences with the daily challenges in media asset and product data management. Now the entire site is available in English as well. We are looking forward to even more feedback from our customers and friends the world over.

squared-detail-MAM.jpgAnd today we celebrate another anniversary of sorts: the following article (only in German, sorry!) about media asset management and highlighting our product "Media Suite" at Mercedes-Benz Accessories was published on 02. November 2001. That is 10 years ago today! At that time, we were a small startup and media asset management was an emerging field. Today, we are older and wiser: we have focused on our strengths and remain an industry leader today. Customers like the Mercedes-Benz Accessories still rely on our products and solutions - maybe our experiences over the past 10 years can help your organization as well?

"Bild und Grafik sind rund um die Uhr verfügbar - Praxisbeispiel MAM" (ePaper)
"Bild und Grafik sind rund um die Uhr verfügbar - Praxisbeispiel MAM" (PDF)

Saturday, 2011-09-03

News from the AppStore

New times, new output channels: visit the Apple App Store to see some of the latest and greatest results from our customers and projects: Schaeffler's InfoPoint (for iPad / iPhone and soon Android) and the launch of the successful and very design-oriented catalog app for Depot Online with integrated online shop feature. It is mediacockpit that builds the foundation for central media, text and video content management, and emerges as a clear winner: efficient, cost effective and with exceptional support for brand communication in new distribution channels.

available-AppStore.pngWe have taken these events and many more important developments in our product strategy as an opportunity to thoroughly overhaul to our web site.
**We went live at 6:00 PM on September, 23rd.**
Modern, fresh and easy to find. Yes - and certainly a necessary step in enlightening our visitors to our highly successful integration platform mediacockpit: the culmination of 15 years of MAM, PIM and publishing experience.

We are happy to welcome you - and to answer any questions you might have.
Monday, 2011-08-01

Media Asset Management was yesterday.

mediacockpit is today. Integration is the key. Stand-alone solutions such as media asset management for images, videos and text, product information management for plans, drawings, manuals and other product-specific information, Department-specific cross media publishing workflows, and other isolated media-typical activities are past. mediacockpit of DAM group provides a sophisticated environment available, which makes easy and safe to the contemporary use of media of any kind even if complex sequences.

mediacockpit is an enormously versatile, but yet easy to use tool for all areas of the company, which have to deal with any kind of medium. From the simple keywording and searching of images up to the automatic maintenance of catalogues of the separate transfer of data from the ERP system to the generation of print publications - with mediacockpit, everything is connected possible.

And the cooperation of the departments and offices across arises almost alone. Here, everyone gets access only to the extent as its tasks so require. Confidential remains confidential, public is public. Nothing is lost, nothing is more mixed up. Also the uniform surface contributes to this - in addition to the sophisticated, clear rights management, which prevents errors and minimizes the training.

A further advantage of mediais exceptional flexibility. It was designed from the outset so that individual solutions and enhancements are just as easily feasible as adaptation to the respective corporate design. So, it fits a seamlessly in the typical business processes. mediacockpit is your step into the future. It makes your media liquid and draws optimum use of the previously fallow potentials. Affected this by positively in a short time costs and productivity.