Adobe Bridge Integration in mediacockpit 7.4

Centralized access to all media resources through Adobe Bridge - for many DTP professionals this is their daily work and a familiar environment within Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud.

To support this, the coming mediacockpit release 7.4 (available for our customers from the beginning of September) offers a new CMIS interface. CMIS stands for Content Management Interoperability Services, an OASIS standard that enables uniform access to ECM / DAM content repositories in the enterprise. Since 2013, OASIS is also working on a new CMIS4DAM Technical Committee, a development we are following with great interest.

What is possible with CMIS? Any CMIS-enabled software can now directly access content in mediacockpit: this facilitates integrations e.g. with WCMS systems and enterprise portals, but modern desktop applications and mobile apps also support CMIS today: Read, Search, Insert, Download and Checkout / Checkin and more are supported in this release.


In media environments, CMIS is probably best known in connection with Adobe Drive and Adobe Bridge. Now mediacockpit will work seamlessly with Adobe Bridge. Browse, search and display existing content in mediacockpit, the integration also supports creation, management and versioning in Adobe Bridge. We have extended the Adobe CMIS Connector to support mediacockpit previews within bridge, a feature not available with standard CMIS.

CMIS also integrates mediacockpit in the Windows Explorer, Finder and works with third software that enable a DropBox like experience that greatly simplifies collaborations and print projects as well!

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