New Release: mediacockpit 7.3

mediacockpit-Logo-200.jpg DAM Group proudly announces the new mediacockpit release 7.3!

The version 7.3 includes fundamental enhancements and optimizations in the mediacockpit "CORE", and represents the biggest technological development since 2008. These architectural updates are essential for keeping mediacockpit at the forefront of innovation as well as making future development and extension of the product simpler and easier to maintain.

In addition to the architectural revision, mediacockpit 7.3 includes many new features for efficient media asset and product information management including new data types, an updated classification system, a “text pool” for more efficient content re-use and a brand new sub portal, mediapublisher, to simplify creating and outputting multi-channel publications.

  • Upgrade of mediapublisher (create publications via drag&drop within portal)
  • • Assortment editor within portal
  • • Publication Profile Maintenance within portal
  • • Integration of the search result publication in mediapim
  • Update of InBetween interface (includes demo templates)
  • Product classification system within portal
  • Improved support for object attributes and text blocks (mediapim)
  • Improved price functions within portal
  • Price list support
  • Promotion prices (from…to)
  • Improved Multiple Indexing (MAM/PIM)
  • Extension of the module mediaprojects
  • • Memo function for media assets
  • • Improved task management
  • Combined DB and full text search
  • Status search (assets, products)
  • Save search queries
  • Improved facette support

A highlight in the context of cross-media publishing and third-party system integration: the 7.3 version brings our customers and partners a new, fluent, external Java and REST API (JSON and XML) including English Javadocs.

The new mediacockpit version is available for existing customers from mid-May. We will gladly advise you individually with respect to a newly introduced or migrating your current installation.

Please feel free to contact us: info@damgroup.de