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Tuesday, 2014-11-18

Top performance in digital marketing

In the latest PROKOM-Report(Produktkulturmagazin, Issue 04-2014) we again contributed a customer success story from one of our clients. Learn more about how the specialist for commercial dishwashers Winterhalter pushes on its strategy realignment of digital marketing using mediacockpit.

Read the full report here (German): prokom_04-2014_DAM_Winterhalter.pdf


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Thursday, 2014-10-23

Bertsch Innovation Customer and Partner Day 2014

Under the slogan, "Smart Product Information: Are there any innovations in PIM / MAM" this years customer and partner day took place on October 09th at the Römerkastell in Stuttgart.
Thank you to all participants and to the speakers for the exciting presentations, conversations and the great feedback from all sides.


Thanks again to our partners 1io, GAFICON, 4mediaselling, parsionate and Movilizer for their active participation at the event. Approximately 80 guests enjoyed their input on innovation and interesting technical discussions during the breaks.

In short, we are already looking forward to next year!
Tuesday, 2014-09-09

Price labels at the push of a button

We have contributed another customer story in the latest PROKOM-Report (Produktkulturmagazin, Issue 03-2014) describing a web2print solution for dynamic price labels .
Within he fully web-based, centralized information portal of Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH all merchants and distributors now create their required price tags quality-assured and in a fex minutes. Read the full report including an interview with the responsible Project Manager here (German): prokom_032014_DAM_MBA.pdf


We can send you a copy of the journal for digital content in modern enterprises, while supplies last: just contact us!

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Wednesday, 2014-07-23

Adobe Bridge Integration in mediacockpit 7.4

Centralized access to all media resources through Adobe Bridge - for many DTP professionals this is their daily work and a familiar environment within Adobe Creative Suite / Cloud.

To support this, the coming mediacockpit release 7.4 (available for our customers from the beginning of September) offers a new CMIS interface. CMIS stands for Content Management Interoperability Services, an OASIS standard that enables uniform access to ECM / DAM content repositories in the enterprise. Since 2013, OASIS is also working on a new CMIS4DAM Technical Committee, a development we are following with great interest.

What is possible with CMIS? Any CMIS-enabled software can now directly access content in mediacockpit: this facilitates integrations e.g. with WCMS systems and enterprise portals, but modern desktop applications and mobile apps also support CMIS today: Read, Search, Insert, Download and Checkout / Checkin and more are supported in this release.


In media environments, CMIS is probably best known in connection with Adobe Drive and Adobe Bridge. Now mediacockpit will work seamlessly with Adobe Bridge. Browse, search and display existing content in mediacockpit, the integration also supports creation, management and versioning in Adobe Bridge. We have extended the Adobe CMIS Connector to support mediacockpit previews within bridge, a feature not available with standard CMIS.

CMIS also integrates mediacockpit in the Windows Explorer, Finder and works with third software that enable a DropBox like experience that greatly simplifies collaborations and print projects as well!

Have we piqued your interest? We are happy to introduce you to our new version in a no-obligation appointment, please contact us at:
Monday, 2014-06-30

New Case Study in PROKOM Report

The new PROKOM, product culture magazine (in German), arrived today hot off the press - with two interesting articles about our products and customers: " Spielend leichtes Medienhandling” (Effortless Media Handling) about MAM processes at Ravensburger AG and “Sekundenschnell publiziert” (Lightning fast publishing) portaiting our newest product Kuschk.


We can send you a copy of the journal for digital content in modern enterprises, while supplies last: just contact us!

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Wednesday, 2014-06-11

FO-Zürisee is new mediacockpit partner

Since June 05, we have further expanded our partner network with FO Zürisee . The Swiss IT integrator and specialist in cross-media publications and data management is one of seven independent business units of FO Print & Media AG, based in Egg near Zurich.

The experienced media service provider creates highly individualized and innovative communication solutions for well-known clients in industry, publishing, the service and public sector.

The mix of specialization and interdisciplinary cooperation of the individual FO companies is in our view an excellent addition to the mediacockpit product line. With the existing and new partnerships (four new collaborations in 2014) we are expanding our range of services continuously, widen our project business activities and open additional sales and media channels in new markets.

More information about FO-Zürisee in the Web
Wednesday, 2014-06-04

Smart thinking meets smart products

Since the beginning of June, we welcome the companies parsionate GmbH from Stuttgart and Eperium from Weesp (NL) in our network.
We warmely welcome our two new partners and look forward to work on exciting projects in the multi-channel and e-commerce environment.

Parsionate GmbH becomes consulting partner of Bertsch Innovation GmbH. Through this winning partnership, customers will benefit from parsionate's consulting expertise in implementing excellent endto-end multichannel commerce solutions, e.g. while combining Bertsch Innovation's software solutions with other multichannel applications, such as online shops and print solutions.
“In our view, parsionate is one of Europe's most innovative omnichannel and PIM consultancy providers. We are looking forward to creating outstanding solutions for our customers with our combined expertise," said Dr.Frank Mayer, CEO of Bertsch Innovation GmbH. Thomas Sperrfechter, CEO of parsionate GmbH, adds: "We believe that Bertsch Innovation's portfolio is very attractive as it includes solutions to centrally manage product data as well as easy-to-implement solutions for different distribution channels, such as web and mobile. We are looking forward to support Bertsch Innovation's customers with our consulting expertise."

Eperium is the second partner in the Netherlands and has many years of consulting and project experience in the field of process optimization, usability, e-commerce and PIM. The experts from diverse disciplines complement the network of Bertsch innovation as a consulting partner ideally and are already putting hands on the implementation of mediacockpit projects.

Press release from parsionate GmbH

Find additional information about our new partners on
Tuesday, 2014-04-22

New Release: mediacockpit 7.3

mediacockpit-Logo-200.jpg DAM Group proudly announces the new mediacockpit release 7.3!

The version 7.3 includes fundamental enhancements and optimizations in the mediacockpit "CORE", and represents the biggest technological development since 2008. These architectural updates are essential for keeping mediacockpit at the forefront of innovation as well as making future development and extension of the product simpler and easier to maintain.

In addition to the architectural revision, mediacockpit 7.3 includes many new features for efficient media asset and product information management including new data types, an updated classification system, a “text pool” for more efficient content re-use and a brand new sub portal, mediapublisher, to simplify creating and outputting multi-channel publications.

  • Upgrade of mediapublisher (create publications via drag&drop within portal)
  • • Assortment editor within portal
  • • Publication Profile Maintenance within portal
  • • Integration of the search result publication in mediapim
  • Update of InBetween interface (includes demo templates)
  • Product classification system within portal
  • Improved support for object attributes and text blocks (mediapim)
  • Improved price functions within portal
  • Price list support
  • Promotion prices (from…to)
  • Improved Multiple Indexing (MAM/PIM)
  • Extension of the module mediaprojects
  • • Memo function for media assets
  • • Improved task management
  • Combined DB and full text search
  • Status search (assets, products)
  • Save search queries
  • Improved facette support

A highlight in the context of cross-media publishing and third-party system integration: the 7.3 version brings our customers and partners a new, fluent, external Java and REST API (JSON and XML) including English Javadocs.

The new mediacockpit version is available for existing customers from mid-May. We will gladly advise you individually with respect to a newly introduced or migrating your current installation.

Please feel free to contact us:
Thursday, 2014-04-17

eCommerce and PIM for multi-brand Webshop

In cooperation with our Dutch partner Spark IT the new webshop of furniture and design specialists FacilitylinQ online has been relaunched in early 2014. The Amsterdam-based company offers an extensive range of brands and now manages all product and media information with mediacockpit as a "single source repository".

Spark IT took on the whole project implementation, the complete data sycnchronization with the Magento eCommerce system and the training of local staff.

For more information, see our Success Story FacilitylinQ.
Wednesday, 2014-04-02

Introducing the New Bertsch Innovation

The new German Bertsch Innovation website was relaunched today - and we congratulate all colleagues involved to a truly successful online presence!


The strategic alliance of the companies Bertsch Innovation GmbH (formerly Top 21), DAM Group and e-pro was pre-announced at the end of 2013. Now all three companies present themselves under a single web presence that bundles our rich expertise in the field of multi-channel marketing and innovative product communication. During 2014, the companies will be seamlessly integrated to further profit from internal and external synergies and to generate more value for our customers.

Unified media and product information management with mediacockpit enables Bertsch Innovation customers to improve the management and organisation and distribution of all digital assets and significantly reduce time-to-market - whether for classic catalog productions and price lists or for media-specific delivery of information to the company website, online shop or your own mobile app.

Seeing is believing: