mediacockpit modules

complementing and optimizing our standard

SME and global corporations have different requirements for the storage, management, maintenance, and delivery of media and product master data.
With the mediacockpit, we fulfill the requirements of an enterprise media asset management system. And the requirements for the management of your product data as well.

Thanks to the modular structure, mediacockpit modules and configuration can be tailored to suit your needs. Costly individual customization for specific functions are thus greatly reduced.
The size of your organization and the amount of media you need to manage become secondary. The right combination of modules and flexible licensing is crucial to meet each customers specific requirements.
The future-orientation is not lost with the modular approach, on the contrary: if your organization or needs change, the mediacockpit can be quite easily extend or integrated via standardized interfaces to new third-party systems.


Enterprise Media Asset Management

The media asset management (MAM) module. It is based on our more than 15 years experience with the our product media suite, which was redesigned for the integration in mediacockpit on a completely new, modern and sleek codebase and thus easily meets also future requirements. It is an open, scalable system that provides the required interfaces for connection to E-Commerce, content-management and ERP systems, for print production workflows, audiovisual productions, or for the online distribution.

mediasuite provides a consistent and structured media management interface to master the classic tasks of media asset management with flying colors. This means:
  • Cost and time savings through fast, accurate media access and reuse
  • personalized media deployment with tiered permissions for customers, partners and employees
  • Competitive advantages through reduced time-to-market cycles.

Easy to use and extremely powerful tools to capture and manage make your media for their needs both internally as externally. Media can be efficiently assembled into a reusable pool, to channel and visualize the whole wealth of information related to the products and services in an enterprise quickly and effectively.

New and improved search and preview functions provide faster and more successful results in the search after image, text, sound and video. Full text search in all fields is possible, as the search in selected fields and by means of filters. The preview can be made as required in different detailed representations.

Asset Management
  • configurable sets of properties and media derivatives by means of media types, (mass-)generating derivatives,
  • Asset processing pipeline (testing, preflight, assignment to objects and automatable file in the asset tree using definable criteria), asset upload via hot folders, asset versioning (file), storage of assets
  • Links between media by media groups and/or variants
  • Multiple categorization using folder shortcuts
  • Selection can be downloaded or sent with selectable derivatives for each asset

Conversion tools
Configurable standard converters for:
  • common image formats (raster und vector),
  • video (+ HTML5 video),
  • ePaper via PDF
Conversion and derivate generation from common DTP, graphic und and office programs:
  • Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, . . .),
  • Office (DOC, XLS und PPT),
  • various CAD-Formats, . . .
Integration of any conversion tool interfaces and configuration.

Asset basket
  • basket function and download feature (unlimited baskets per user),
  • create basket shares for other users (even external users without system access via email and ZIP Download)

Comprehensive ePaper management
Special functions are for ePaper: validity and statistics information
available. Generate PDF, MS Office and InDesign ePaper Documents.


Relationships of the product master data

The mediapim allows intuitive handling for structured product data. It provides flexible data-types for modeling and maintaining content. Editing is eased by customizable views and helpful features like drop-down value lists. In addition, is possible to use markup to format content and to output this content to various channels (print, online, mobile, ...).
Starting with data modeling, and continuing with imports, maintenance on through to publication, mediapim assists you in your daily work. Workflows and review processes help assure high-quality content and ease translation and localization. The standard package includes a large selection of units and measures, masses, currency definitions and abbreviations which you can leverage when describing your own products, articles (and media: the same flexible data model is available in the mediasuite as well!).
Interfaces allow us to integrate mediacockpit into your existing system environment. Existing content silos and their content can be imported directly into your product structure in mediapim or leveraged for easing the keywording process. Complex activities, e.g. base price imports and derived calculations for other regions (or currencies) are possible, even integrated with Excel exports and imports.
Exports and publications can be modeled to suite your needs and the needs of individual countries and regions: Page- or assortment driven, for catalogs or direct integration on your homepage.


Simple and up-to-date - Web and mobile publishing in real-time

The uniqueness of mediaepaper can be explained best by the opportunities it provides. Be it to present the current product catalog on your website or in conjunction with the mediasuite, for internal research and the relationship of media within a print catalog. The links and interaction between paper and online makes the visit for your customers, partners, and stakeholders a unique user experience. The UI can be customized in many languages and adapted to your CI/CD. Internet addresses can be integrated and offered as a links in the mediaepaper. Thus, you can send your customers not only directly to your current catalog online, but provide additional relevant information. To make a mediaepaper even more attractive, you can embed video and other multimedia content from the mediasuite.
The timeliness of a publication is guaranteed at all times: you can provide a period of validity when releasing!


Print goes mobile

More and more companies publish for mobile devices - and the optimized output of existing media and data structures is made on the basis of data management within mediacockpit. Customers like Schaeffler Technologies GmbH or Depot Online customers already have apps for their target audience (customers /sales team) based on mediacockpit and mediamobile.


Integrated brand- und product communication

The mediapublisher module is responsible for publication of the media and content and includes interfaces to various tools and publishing engines. Typically, the output is output directly to PDF or DTP format like InDesign. The default output format is XML that can be ingested by almost all the usual tools to build dynamic publications. For example, InBetween is a publishing engine we have integrated to generate PDF, InDesign, abd Quark formats, to name a few. Further processing is possible automatically as well as manually.


Connected to mediacockpit

Want to handle print data online, translate and enrich it with shared media from the central image archive? The individualization of advertising materials and Stationary will be implemented in online portals on the basis of our standard components and your specific workflow. We cover the wide range of topics in web2print with our partner 1io and their software one2edit.

InDesign Plugin

Integrating into media productions and creation processes with Adobe Creative Suite

All content from the mediacockpit (product & image data) are available within InDesign for PC and Mac. It is possible to place the existing objects (product information and media objects) from a selection (cart) via drag & drop into a document layout. For orientation, are the most important information about the product or media can be viewed within the plugin.
The combination of shortened paths to obtaining content and the integration of functions of mediacockpit in Adobe® InDesign make the InDesign plugin an ideal addition. Processes for editing and distributing media and product data can be centralized in a single repository, mediacockpit. New image and content versions can be automatically updated within the InDesign document through the cross reference with the mediacockpit.

Adobe Photoshop and AI Plugin

Easy access to media assets with Adobe Photoshop ® and Illustrator ®

All assets stored within mediacockpit (Mediendaten) are integrated in your desktop application using the Adobe Photoshop® and Illustrator® plug-in for PC and Mac. It is possible (after user authentication) to place your desired media files from a selection (basket) via drag and drop into a new document.
The mediacockpit plug-In for Adobe Photoshop® und Illustrator® currently supports versions CS5, CS5.5, CS6 on the Mac and Windows platforms. See the plugin in action with this screencast on YouTube

Office Plugin

Office Integration und MS Office Plugin

A Plugin for MS Office starting with Version 2010 is available since November 2011. Drag&Drop of Assets (and derivative media) from a media selection or directly from the system via our WebDAV-Integration is possible today for MS Office and many other WebDAV enabled tools. See the plugin in action with this screencast on YouTube