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Monetize your Content on the Web

"Paid Content" has already been a hot topic for years not only for the publishing industry: it´s more and more common for enterprises to offer digital content over the web with usage based billing models. MCP provides the platform for your tailor-made solution to market your content assets.

mcp-logo.jpg MCP ("mediacockpit for publishers") offers the platform for your customized solution to successfully market your content.

mediacockpit | MCP paywall

The turnkey solution based on mediacockpit to deliver paid content will allow you to
  • provide different content offers and billing options
  • assign articles and topics to different price categories
  • strengthen customer loyality and stimulate user´s purchase readiness
  • introduce your paid content offers in the market with low investment costs
  • integrate software interfaces to connect to ERP or CRM systems.

Your Benefit

  • Enhance first-time customer with initial credit balance free of charge.
  • Occasional users can be billed for single articles via pre-paid credit.
  • Loyal users can select between different flatrate packages .
  • Paid services make your content more flexible to adapt to your users.
  • Personalized multi-channel alert system converts and develops users to customers automatically.

mediacockpit | MCP themenalarm

The component Themenalarm analyzes your content constantly for any subscriber, reader and online user according to his very personal criteria and search terms. On this basis Themenalarm retrieves the most relevant publications and articles and provides the results to the individually choosen channels (eMail, RSS, etc.).
Thus, Themenalarm offers a special media experience to your audience.

Use Cases

  • Individual references to personally important newspaper articles via SMS
  • Notes to (exclusive) online content via mail
  • Sending personalized contents by email
  • Delivering personalized ePaper

Your Benefit

  • Show relevance of your newspaper and online content
  • Increase the value of your users print and online products
  • Increase the perceived quality of your subscriptions
  • Strengthen customer loyalty to your newspaper and Web site