The DAM Group GmbH offers our customers the ability to host our software in our own innovative media services center. This offer is aimed exclusively at customers who want to implement our software and solutions and those of our partners.

"media managed by mediacockpit rapidly ready for worldwide in use. And always there where you need it: In prepress, the web shop or on the iPad."

- Christian Steiauf, Project Manager and DAM expert

The DAM group over 500,000 objects in our care

due to the many years of experience with both large and medium-sized customers, DAM is able to keep our customer systems fast, stable and always up-to-date. Well-known companies, such as MAHLE, Mercedes-Benz Accessories, Sportler, have relied for years on our hosting and ASP services.

Hosting the media suite offers numerous advantages:

1. Advantage no hardware purchases necessary
2. Advantage no purchase and licensing
3. Advantage no administration of hardware and software components needed
4. Advantage always backup-(man) power available
5. Advantage reliable updates and upgrades
6. Advantage worldwide availability and optimal performance
7. Advantage quick and reliable service
8. Advantage provision of your data for each output system